Derry’s controversial team—continued

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Derry buys more police protection

Another Nazi Pig Comes to Town: San Bernardino County supervisor hires controversial activist

Last week, The Alpenhorn News revealed that Third District Supervisor Neil Derry had appointed Wanda Nowicki to his staff as an administrative analyst, even though her background check had revealed a criminal history.

At the time, the fact that Nowicki had no special background to qualify for the position raised skepticism. Revelations regarding her criminal background were further exacerbated when documents obtained by The Alpenhorn News revealed that Jim Erwin, Derry’s chief of staff at the time of Nowicki’s appointment, had advised the Director of Human Resources not to share or disclose the contents and findings of her criminal background check to anyone.

Information about Nowicki’s criminal background once again called into question many of Derry’s choices to fill key staff positions. It began when he named Erwin as his chief of staff. He made this choice despite Erwin’s reputation within the county as a polarizing and controversial figure.

Erwin is infamous for his alleged 2004 affair with ex-county labor negotiator Elizabeth Sanchez who lost her job when she admitted to being romantically involved with Erwin, who at the time was the leader and chief negotiator for the San Bernardino County Safety Employees Benefit Association (SEBA). The affair is alleged to have occurred at the same time the two negotiated from opposite sides, a new labor contract between SEBA and the county.

Sanchez was promoted to the position of director of human resources. However, rumors about the affair were well known. When initially confronted about it by the county’s chief administrative officer, she denied it but ultimately admitted to the relationship a short time later and was asked to resign. There was no apparent consequence for Erwin’s involvement.

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A little brain food for the perpetually Recovering City of Big Bear Lake Council and other prostitutes of the Prison-Industrial Complex

Big Bear: Neil Derry Fired Don Allen

Don Allen wants to set the record straight. He did not resign his seat on the Big Bear Valley Recreation and Park District advisory commission five months ago.

“I was removed,” said Allen, who represented the community of Moonridge on the board until June 30.

Allen was serving as the commission president at the time of his dismissal by San Bernardino County Third District Supervisor Neil Derry. The commission met with Derry in May to discuss several issues including Big Bear City Park. One month later, Allen received a four-sentence letter dated June 30 advising him that he would no longer be on the commission. Derry stated in the letter that he wished to give others “an opportunity to serve their community and hopefully generate new ideas and perspectives.”

Derry confirmed the reason during a telephone interview with The Grizzly on Nov. 24. “I just felt there was an opportunity to give others in the community to serve,” Derry said. He declined to comment further on why he specifically chose to remove Allen from the seat.

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Uffer Era Ends on a 3-2 Vote

Mark H. Uffer’s five-year tenure as the county’s top administrative officer drew to a close this week with a 3-2 vote of the board of supervisors.

The sacking of Uffer, who was named interim county administrative officer in March 2004 and then given the official title as CAO in September 2004, was not done for cause, the county board members said. Rather, the three supervisors who favored having him take his leave said it was simply a matter of their changing management and policy imperatives rendering him out of step with their collective marching orders that sealed Uffer’s fate.

“The board felt it was necessary to move in a different direction at this time.” said board of supervisors chairman Gary Ovitt, who joined with supervisors Brad Mitzelfelt and Neil Derry in approving the motion to terminate Uffer.

“The board felt it was a time for a change in leadership and direction and that is why the board made this change,” said Derry. “Despite the end result of the vote, I believe Mark Uffer has done his best for the county.”

Since no cause was cited in giving Uffer his pink slip, he will be granted a full year’s pay and benefits as a severance package, as per the terms of an ordinance passed by the board in January.

Thus, Uffer will be paid his annual salary of $273,748 and about $50,000 more in deferred compensation and benefits, including cell phone, car allowance, retirement plan contributions and health insurance. Those payments will run through November 16, 2010. Thereafter, Uffer, 56, will be eligible to begin drawing retirement.

Multiple efforts by the Sentinel to reach Uffer for his reaction were unsuccessful. A secretary at the county administrative office on Wednesday said, “I do not believe we are at liberty to provide you with his contact number at this point.”

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San Bernardino County Supervisor Neil Derry Sings Sinatra

Patton Police fire back at political rookie, Neil Derry

Patton State Hospital Police Department fires back at Supervisor Neil Derry’s remark about a 500-member force of sworn peace officers as “rent-a-cops” mark of political rookie.

To the doctors, staff, patients, visitors, and residents of nearby communities of 12 state hospitals and developmentally disabled facilities, they are the thin blue line of law enforcement, performing the same duties as any correctional officer. But to San Bernardino County Supervisor Neil Derry, they are nothing more than just “rent-a-cops.”

Lorenzo Indick, president of the Hospital Police Association of California, which represents the nearly 700 sworn peace officers at mental and developmental facilities up and down the state, today called on Derry to educate himself on an issue he threatens to give further tongue to.

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***** Attemp to Stage Anti-Immigrant Hate Event This Saturday in Big Bear Lake, Home of Big Bear Mountain & Snow Summit *****

Anti-amnesty rally being promoted for November 14 (Saturday) in Big Bear Lake. Come and show your support for our immigrant families, friends co-workers and neighbors.  This is your “four seasons resort,” as well as our home.

Though the organizers are not identified, they are requesting that anti-amnesty activists meet at the corner of Stanfield Cutoff and Big Bear Boulevard (Hwy 18) with “red, white and blue clothing and carry an American, military or Don’t Tread on Me flag, or carry homemade signs.”

This type of hateful activity has not been a part of Big Bear’s small-town life in the past, but Big Bear is now represented by County Supervisor Neil Derry, who has hired Joseph Turner to his staff. Turner’s Save Our State group is well known to the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group.

Please join us to assure our immigrant families, friends, neighbors and co-workers of what our community truly feels in the face of this shame and blight. The location mentioned is just east of the Vons and Stater Brothers markets on Highway 18 (Big Bear Boulevard).

In Big Bear, immigrants are welcome.  Nazis are not.