The Big Bear Observation Post is a media/news filter service of the Big Bear Valley Militia, located in Big Bear Lake (San Bernardino County), California (about 90 miles northeast of Los Angeles). Your comments are welcome.  Click on the image under the caption of each post to view the source.

We monitor the public discussion board here.  We’re always interested in tips about corruption in the prison-, military-, religion-, and education-industrial complexes, as well as local issues.


2 Responses

  1. Why is it that the Judge who in 2009 stated the there could be a continuing suit against the Epping Police, Gallagher and Cote, in 2010 of Oct. dismissed the charges against them for the Wal-Mart incident, stating , “they acted in good faith” This police dept. knew how dangerous Sheila Labarre was and turned their heads and deaf ears when having to deal with her..Had they acted in 2004, when a plumber went to the Epping Police Dept to state what he had seen and been subject too, by Ms. Labarre…Michael Deloge may still be alive and my son, Kenny would of NEVER been killed by her…
    Anytime there was mishaps by Sheila, the police would ALWAYS say, ” Oh that’s Sheila being Sheila”!!!
    What’s wrong with our Legal System that they too would rather sweep problems under the rug, instead of doing a thorough investigtion..

  2. GREAT website. Holy Cow.

    Just stumbled across your webpage. I’m familiar with the cops in Maryland attempting to intimidate citizens into not video recording them. That by itself means people should video tape them every opportunity because nothing works better to suppress corruption and thug behavior.

    I don’t live in your county, but man I hope you guys keep your website active. The regular media doesn’t cover half of what you show here .. nor point out YouTube videos that the public should watch.

    Government is out of control. Its police forces are out of control. We have become slaves to the master government which only cares about the money it can get from us in taxes so they can live the easy life.

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