Senator Kerry recognizes resounding failure of Radio and TV Marti

Washington, May 4 (Cubadebate-RHC) Radio and TV Martí, financed media by the U.S. government for subversion in Cuba, “must undergo a huge reform to ensure its survival”, estimated a U.S. congressional report released Monday.

The report of the Senate’s US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations identified numerous flaws on the “materials”, they’ve been broadcasting to Cuba for decades, “as low journalistic standards, very small audience and lack of support from Congress.”

“It is disappointing that after 18 years Radio and TV Marti have been unable to penetrate the Cuban society or influence the Cuban government,” said Sen. John Forbes Kerry, chairman of the Committee, while presenting the report entitled “Immediate action needed to ensure Radio and TV Marti’s survival. “

Radio Martí was created in 1983 and went on television in 1990, in violation of the general principles of international law and the mass media, established by the regulations of the International Telecommunication Union and Space Law.  Congressmen have described it as a waste of money given the fact that the Cuban government interferes their emissions and there’s no evidence that its contents have an audience on the Island

The first report recommends consolidating the Office of Transmissions to Cuba (OCB), responsible for managing both media, with Voice of America, international media service also funded by the U.S. government.

Thus, broadcasters would move from Miami to Washington, allowing them to recruit personnel outside the state of Florida where many Cuban extremists live “to ensure a ” depoliticized and professional” staff, said the text.


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