Securing the Bomb: 2010

With security issues in the spot light this month, a timely report was released yesterday by the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) entitled: Securing the Bomb 2010: Securing All Nuclear Materials in Four Years. According to the report, “in order to meet the four-year objective President Obama set in Prague in April 2009, global leaders must shift global nuclear security effort into a faster and broader trajectory.”

The report “highlights impressive progress: the United States has helped remove all highly enriched uranium (HEU) from nearly 50 facilities around the world; security and accounting upgrades have been completed at 210 of the weapons-usable nuclear material buildings in Russia and Eurasia of an estimated total in the range of 250; 19 countries have removed all weapons-usable nuclear material from their soil – with four countries having done so between President Obama’s Prague speech and early 2010.”

The report calls for a greater sense of urgency, continuous engagement from Presidents and Prime Ministers, and clear metrics that give focus and traction to the global project.

President Obama’s 2009 Prague remarks.


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