Bay of Pigs: A Victory of Latin America over the United States

The Cuban people will be celebrating the 49th anniversary of the defeat of the mercenary troops financed and trained by the US government that invaded Cuba on April 16, 1961 with the objective of overthrowing the government of Fidel Castro.

More than 500 mercenaries disembarked at the Bay of Pigs, where they planned to create a beachhead.

However, the rapid and overwhelming response of the Rebel Army and the Cuban people, allowed Cubans to defeat the imperial forces in less than 72 hours.

This victory preserved independence and sovereignty, and strengthened the revolution and the socialist system.

The leader of the Cuban revolution, Fidel Castro, said that this battle made a difference between the past and the future, reaction and progress, tradition and fidelity to principles, capitalism and socialism, imperial domination and liberation.

Since April 19, 1961, the Cuba people have faced many other adversities. Over these last 50 years, the US government has not stopped trying to overthrow the revolution, using all kinds of attacks and pressures.

The United States deployed its propaganda system to convince the world, with lies, of the existence of a rebellion in Cuba that supported a “government in the exile,” made up by corrupt and traditional politicians.

The US administration continues to invest millions of dollars in slander campaigns against Cuba, and is now increasing its attacks after alleged violations of human rights on the island.

The capacity of the revolution to stand its ground, however, sets an example for the whole world, especially for Latin America, which is also celebrating this April 19 historic victory.

The region is witnessing its second liberation with the proliferation of progressive governments. The ALBA Alianza Bolivariana para las Américas, is a result of this will of Latin American and Caribbean countries to defend the sovereignty of their nations.

Solidarity and unity are the principles that inspire this regional block, which since the very beginning has pledged its commitment to welfare and the right of their peoples to choose their own way, without any kinds of restrictions or foreign interference.


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