Sinn Féin Leadership Easter Statement

“On this the 94th anniversary of the 1916 Rising the leadership of Sinn Féin extends its solidarity to the families of all our patriot dead. We remember with pride those comrades from every generation who gave their lives for the cause of Irish freedom. We are immensely proud of our patriot dead and of their families.

We are committed to the ideals and principles of the Proclamation. They are as relevant today as they have ever been.

The unity and independence of Ireland remains our primary political objective and Sinn Féin has a political strategy to achieve it.

We are consolidating the Peace Process while seeking always to advance towards Irish unity. It is in this context that policing and justice powers are being transferred from Britain to the North, that Irish language rights have been advanced, that the North is being demilitarized, that the Orange state has been dismantled. There are more republicans now than at any time in recent memory and Irish unity is a live political issue.

Small militarist factions have engaged in futile armed actions which play into the agenda of MI5 and other British agencies. These groups have no strategy and have nothing to offer the republican struggle. A peaceful and democratic path to Irish unity is now available.

Sinn Féin now seeks to bring a new momentum to the achievement of a united Ireland through maximizing popular support and uniting the greatest number of people in support of national democratic objectives. We are also building support for this objective among the Irish diaspora.

We will soon face into a Westminster election. The positive momentum created by the recent political developments must be translated into increased electoral support for Sinn Féin so that we can bring about greater political change and further advance towards our ultimate objective. Everyone has a role to play in these elections.

Sinn Féin’s job is to build a credible political alternative to the failed politics of the establishment. The party has put forward practical solutions to create and protect jobs, to stimulate the economy and to construct a fairer society. These policies must be promoted at every available opportunity and at a local level.

The current economic crisis is being felt throughout the country. Unemployment is soaring and the blight of emigration has returned, especially in the South. The coalition government in Dublin has abjectly failed to tackle this crisis, which is causing so much hardship to so many.

This current government is one of the most unpopular in the history of the state and republicans must prepare now for a general election in the 26 Counties that could occur at any time.

We need to build Sinn Féin throughout every corner of Ireland. In this spirit, at our recent Ard Fheis Sinn Féin radically changed party structures to make joining Sinn Féin easier. We want more and more people to be party members by working in whatever way they can for republican objectives. Republicans will turn out in large numbers to Easter commemorations across Ireland this weekend. We want them to return to these commemorations next year as Sinn Féin members.

We commend the work of Ógra Shinn Féin. As unemployment and emigration threaten the future of our youth, an active republican youth organization is more vital than ever. O’gra have been active on a range of social and political issues and have shown that young people can fight back.

The united Ireland we seek to build is inclusive, in which all of our people feel secure. We want unionists to be able to find their place in a new Ireland. We believe that Irish unity and a genuine republic can deliver social, economic and cultural equality for all of our people.

As we celebrate the lives of our comrades and commemorate the sacrifices of our patriot dead, we look to the future with renewed confidence and re-commit ourselves to the achievement of our republican objectives.”


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