Placer County Sheriff’s Department deputy’s daughter, 3, shoots herself with Dad’s gun

ROSEVILLE, CA – Members of the Placer County Sheriff’s Department banded together Wednesday after one of its deputies lost a child when she accidentally shot herself with her father’s gun.

According to the Sacramento County Coroner’s Office3-year-old Kalli Skogen died Tuesday from a gunshot to her abdomen. The coroner said that bullet traveled through her chest.

Roseville investigators identified the child’s father as Ken Skogen, a deputy with the Placer County Sheriff’s Department.

Josh Tindall, president of the Placer County Deputy Sheriff’s Association, said in a statement that the Skogan family thanks everyone for their thoughts and prayers.

“No words can explain what has happened beyond saying that it was a tragic accident,” said Tindall. “The anguish that the family, their friends, and coworkers are experiencing cannot be expressed and we ask you all for your support and understanding.”

“To the Fire, EMS, police, and Cal-Star air ambulance personnel and the staff at both Sutter Roseville Medical Center and UC Davis Medical Center who gave their very best in a dire time of need, we cannot state enough the sincere appreciation and gratitude we have for all of you.”

Kalli was in the garage with her father around 6 p.m. Tuesday when she found the loaded gun and fired a shot, according to Roseville police. Lt. Mike Doane. Doane said Wednesday the firearm was not the deputy’s service revolver, but a personal .40 caliber semi-automatic handgun.

Once investigators determine exactly what happened, charges could be filed, Doane said.

Doane said California has a basic gun law, which prohibits accessibility to children. He said if a child is killed in the incident, the charge could become a felony.

However, Doane also said the burden of proof is much higher because the victim is the gun owner’s child.

“The legislature is probably taking into account that the family has lost their child,” said Doane. “There is nothing that anybody can do or say to them that’s going to take that pain and suffering away.”

The increased burden of proof means a longer investigation period, allowing the Placer County district attorney’s office more time to determine whether charges will be filed.

“We want to make sure it’s thorough and the district attorney’s office has the complete picture of what happened so that they can make an informed decision on whether or not the burden of proof was met in this particular case,” said Doane.

Investigators on the scene said Skogen had taken gun safety classes and evidence at the home indicated he took gun safety very seriously.

“This person, the adult in the residence, had definitely taken steps to keep this firearm away from children,” said Roseville police Sgt. Darrin DeFreece. “So now what we’re looking into is what happened to those safeguards that he had already put into place.”

It wasn’t long ago that Skogen was called a hero by Gov. Schwarzenegger. Skogen rescued an elderly woman from her burning house during the 49 Fire in Auburn last August.

According to the Placer County Sheriff’s Department, Skogen has been with the department three years and is on bereavement leave.


3 Responses

  1. Karma is a bitch, isn’t it?? If this was an “average Joe” he would spend life in prison but alas Deputy Skogen is a part of the BIG justice money machine in Roseville……Why didn’t they put him in the same jail where he supports the abuse and inhuman treatment of inmates. Placer County is a joke, you do not cure drug addiction or alcoholism by locking people up and giving them unmanageable probation hoops to jump through if they are lucky enough to get out. All I know is this, the people are coming for the DA, Sheriff’s, judges, public defenders (they are in bed with the DA), lawyers, and bail bondmen who are all happy to keep as many in jail and the legal system as possible. WE are coming for you and when we catch you, you will be in an ice cold jail cell with indifferent guards, and sickening food, one blanket, and incompetent medical care. The child is in God’s hands now which is a lot safer and more loving than a power crazy, corrupt, abusive, bully like her father. She is lucky, the rest of us have to continue to be on the planet with Satan Skogan

  2. You can bet your life that if this happened to any other family except a sheriff’s, Chris Cattran, and his buddy DA Doyle would lick their chops at the possible felony charge of chid endangerment., and take it all the way. When this type of thing happens to families that are on “the list”, an arrest and trial are soon to come. In Placer county, North Tahoe to be exact, the sheriffs, DA , public defender and judge run a little “judge Roy Bean” justice system where charge stacking and hounding non-violent offenders is considered sport. Recently 8 sheriffs swooped in to arrest one probation violater for giving a dirty drug test, and probation searches resemble a swat team raid. The DA charged a 20 year old man with conspiracy to commit a crime (felony) for trying to purchase beer.

  3. I hate to be the first to say it but, God does not take kindly to members of corrupt fascist organizations like the Placer County Sheriff department. There are alot of things you may not know about Deputy Skogen and the corruption he has been involved in. There is simply too much to explain. I will just provide my opinion on this occurrence. I feel no worse about this happening to Skogen’s child than I would if it had happened to a member of the Nazi party. The only person I feel sympathy for is the child. Although, judging by her father’s actions while on duty, I’m sure she would have grown up enduring all types of physical and emotional abuse from her father. So the real question to ask yourself is, “Did God reclaim this innocent child in order to save her from the horrible life of being born to a truly corrupted father?” I think the answer is closer to your heart than alot of you may realize.

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