Paul Schrader: Transparency- San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department

The questions asked at most of my events and from people all over the county is, what are they hiding, and why is the sheriff and his command staff not open and available to the public.

As part of my fresh start approach to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, it will be my duty to see that the Department is above reproach in order to restore and retain the respect and trust of the public. My first objective is to make all areas of the Department transparent, especially the jails. There will be an open dialogue maintained with the community and community activists who have questions regarding the Department, including the jails.

In order to bring justice to those wronged and closure to those who have done right, I will have all internal investigations expedited. The community will know the truth, and Deputies will be treated fairly and in accordance with “The Peace Officer’s Bill of Rights”.

This is the right thing to do.  Check out my website at and let’s work together for a TRANSPARENT Department.


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    PAUL SCHRADER for San Bernardino SHERIFF


  2. I’m a bit concerned as to Mr. Schrader’s plan for the department. I don’t know what public trust you’d he’d be restoring, the community loves the department from what I’ve ever seen. I’m a former custody staff member of jail operations and now work for the state. Rod Hoops knows what he’s doing, he has 32 years with the department and continues to run it smoothly after Penrod’s departure. This is not to say Schrader wouldn’t do a fine job, but I am concerned that many IA investigations would be ran. This would have a demoralizing effect on staff and cost the county a lot of much needed money to be ran. I’ve seen it with the state in the department I’m in. Thankfully the overseer of such actions has retired in lieu of termination for causing so many officers to be wrongfully terminated. I see the same thing happening if this is Schrader’s plan. Low morale, wasted county dollars. I also have read Hoop’s dossier. Schrader mentions a brief bio of his own dossier, but I’d be interested in knowing ALL of the agencies and positions he’s held to back up his service in law enforcement, not just saying “27 years in law enforcement.” Hoops is a San Bernardino County native and a career sheriff. I’m thinking I’ll be re-electing him, not just because he was the one that swore me in almost 4 years ago, but because he’s doing a good job.

  3. I have known Paul for 27 years..he is exactly as he appears to be…honest, sincere, down to earth, genuinely concerned about people, and an all around good guy with alot of common sense.
    Paul, thanks for running for Sheriff of San Bernardino..we need some fresh ideas and a fresh start!

  4. I did a video shoot with Paul Schrader, and then Paul and his wife took me out to lunch. We spent about 3 hours together. The Schraders are the most real people you will ever meet. We sat and ate Mexican food, laughed and told stories. I don’t ever get involved in politics, but this guy is genuine! Check out his videos.

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