Cuba Updates Firearms Registration

Havana, February 1 (RHC)—- Firearms owners in Cuba will have a one-time opportunity for registration with police authorities as of February and for two months, it was officially announced over the weekend by the island’s media outlets.

The measure is aimed at all residents on the island who own firearms without the corresponding license. As of February 12th, all firearm owners should report to the main police station in their municipalities with their weapons to comply with the registration process.

In order to legally own a firearm, people must be over the age of 18 and pass a psychological and physical examination, plus demonstrate their ability in the use the weapon.

This process of registration and renewal of firearms is the first one since the approval in November 2008 of the Decree-Law 262 that regulates the possession of weapons and munitions in Cuba.

Foreign nationals residing temporarily in Cuba should go to the main police station in provincial capitals, and those living in Havana City should go to the National Revolutionary Police Headquarters.

Meanwhile, security and protection agents, detectives and escorts will be convened by the Interior Ministry in an independent and exclusive process.

There is no public registration of firearms in Cuba.


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