A Sheriff we CAN be proud of – Paul Schrader


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  1. Paul Schrader – where are you? I want to interview you for The Big Bearian Returns. If you really have something to say about correcting the current corrupt climate surrounding the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department I’d like to hear it and so would others.

    I’m not as “big league” as Big Bear Observation Post (BBVM) but we have our special following. Mostly people afraid I’m going to expose the truth about them, so they tune in. And then there’s the voyeurs who know the truth but don’t have the guts to say it and want someone like me to lay it out so they don’t have to take the heat!

    Never a dull moment. We’d like to support your desire to take a wrecking ball to the sheriff’s department and especially the mountain region. Some very serious wild animals up here. Email me at thebigbearian@aol.com. Check out http://thebigbearianreturns.wordpress.com.

    Erin Baldwin

  2. http://blogs.westword.com/latestword/2010/02/tom_gallagher_colorado_springs.php

    Tom Gallagher, Colorado Springs councilman, votes against ordinance targeting tent cities — because he was once homeless

  3. I hope if you have a heart for the homeless, you will support me too.

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