José Martí’s Anniversary Celebrated across Cuba

Havana, January 28, (RHC)—The anniversary of the birth of Cuba’s national hero, José Julián Martí Pérez, was widely celebrated across the island today. Visitors and Cubans from all over the country laid wreaths in homage to Marti at different locations. Last night thousands of young university students carried out their traditional torch light march from the steps of the Universidad de La Habana to the Museo Fragua Martiana, a center of study for the works of Jose Marti.

At 12 noon a twenty-one gun salute was sounded from the Castillo de los Tres Reyes Magos del Morro overlooking the Bay of Havana.

Jose Marti was born in 1853, in Havana. He was a writer, poet, journalist, translator and philosopher. He played an essential role in the Cuban War of Independence of 1895, by gathering funds and presenting the plight of the Cuban people abroad, unifying Cuban immigrants and making the necessary preparations for the war. He died on May 19th 1895, in the Battle of Dos Ríos. Marti’s ideology was his greatest legacy: his thoughts on independence, solidarity, the unity of Latin America and the dangers of imperialism and annexation have influenced and guided popular social movements in Latin America and Cuba, starting with Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution.


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