Teacher at Fontana school is arrested for allegedly touching students inappropriately

A teacher at Date Elementary School was arrested Jan. 4 for allegedly touching students inappropriately at the school, according to the Fontana Police Department.

The fourth-grade teacher, Clark Mahoney, 43, a resident of Loma Linda, was charged with committing lewd acts with a child, police said. Mahoney was booked at West Valley Detention Center.

Police said the two alleged victims in the case were 9 and 10 years old.

The Fontana Unified School District received an allegation of inappropriate contact with students regarding the teacher. An employee made the report to the Date principal, who notified the district administration of the alleged misconduct, the FUSD said.

The School Police Department responded to the site to conduct the investigation, and then a request was made for the assistance of Fontana Police detectives due to the possible complexity of the case.

The investigation is ongoing and anyone with additional information is urged to contact the Fontana P.D. at (909) 350-7720.


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  1. Just like Sarah Palin used the term Blood Libel against those attacking and blaming her for something she did not do or cause, all of you including the arresting officer and alleged victims, Clark would never commit such an act. Time Tells a story, the past is relevant. Know the facts before accusing someone of something they did not do. Those 2 students have a past of troublemaking (documented) and Clark has NO history of misconduct (also documented). So shut up, stop the hatred and accusations on an innocent Teacher who has done nothing but good for his kids, families and the community. I’ve known Clark for 30 years and I’m standing with him.

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