New Study Released on Homegrown Terrorists

Anti-Terror Lessons of Muslim-Americans

A recent report funded by the National Institute of Justice analyzes homegrown terrorists in the United States. According to the report: “Although the vast majority of Muslim-Americans reject radical extremist ideology and violence, a small number of Muslim-Americans have radicalized since 9/11. In the eight years following 9/11, according to our project’s count, 139 Muslim-Americans committed acts of terrorism- related violence or were prosecuted for terrorism- related offenses that involve some element of violence. This level of approximately 17 individuals per years is small compared to other violent crime in American, but not insignificant. Homegrown terrorism is a serious, but limited, problem.”

The report also analyzes recent cases such as Army Major Nidal Hassan, who was charged with the Fort Hood, TX shooting in November, and the five youth from Virginia that were seeking to receive terrorist training in Pakistan. The report also offers recommendations such as to “reinforce self-policing by improving the relationship between law enforcement and Muslim-American communities.”


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