In the last year 75 people were killed by Neo-Nazi in Russia

In 2009 218 aggressive xenophobia assaults were registered in Russia that resulted in 75 killed and at least 284 injured people, Antiracism.Ru reports.

The most popular targets were Uzbeks (14 murdered and 12 injured), Kyrgyz (8 murdered, 10 injured), Tajiks (7 murdered, 18 injured), Russians (7 murdered, 13 injured); the list of injured victims also includes 5 Kazakhs and 3 Turkmen.

Most of the assaults were registered in Moscow and the Moscow Oblast (33 murdered, 131 injured), St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Oblast (8 murdered, 26 injured), Nizhniy Novgorod (5 murdered and at least 44 injured).

According to Antiracism.Ru, in 2008 belligerent nationals killed at least 128 and injured at least 394 people.


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