2009 world nuclear industry status report

Journal Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
ISSN 0096-3402
Issue Volume 65, Number 6, November/December 2009
DOI 10.2968/065006001
Online Date Tuesday, November 10, 2009
Mycle Schneider, Steve Thomas, Antony Froggatt, Doug Koplow

Although some countries plan to build new nuclear power plants in the near future, in aggregate the data indicates that nuclear power’s influence will continue to dwindle across the globe in coming decades.

Source Documents
The World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2009The World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2009 (1.3 MB)

This is the complete report that the article excerpts. In addition to providing profiles of each country with an installed nuclear energy capacity, the report also examines the determinants of nuclear economics, the fixed costs of nuclear power, implications for existing and future reactors, and nuclear liability issues. The report was commissioned by the German Federal Ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation and Reactor Safety.

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