Failure Admitted in Afghan Drug War

The US administration has admitted that Washington has failed to curb narcotics production and trafficking in Afghanistan.

The US Department of State on Wednesday criticized Washington’s 2-billion-dollar plan to combat the drug trade in Afghanistan for poor oversight and lack of strategy.

According to a report by the State Department’s Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, the US counternarcotics efforts do not have clear objectives.

The report also criticized a shift of focus from eradicating poppy fields to interdiction of drug organizations and alternative crop projects, despite a consensus among US agencies.

The report also added that US embassies in Afghanistan and Pakistan do not coordinate well on the issue.

It also criticizes poorly-written contracts for counternarcotics works.

“The department has not clarified an end state for counternarcotics efforts, engaged in long-term planning, or established performance measures for its multi-pillared approach to counter poppy cultivation and the resultant illegal narcotics industry,” the report said.

“Although the department is planning new counternarcotics actions … there is no agreement on appropriate roles for either civilian agencies or the US military,” it said.

Afghanistan produces roughly 90 percent of the world’s illicit opium.


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  1. Gee wiz, there went the cost of living raise for seniors, the people that built this nation, fought the war in Vietnam and the many WWII veterans

    Yippi yi yee. We’ve got to get the F___k out of there.

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