‘Capitalism must go for earth to survive’

Bolivian President Evo Morales has called for the “elimination” of the capitalist system in order to “rid the world of its woes.”

In an interview with Aljazeera television network in the Danish capital of Copenhagen on Wednesday, Bolivia‘s leader slammed capitalism for forestalling efforts to seal a deal on the reduction of CO2 emissions at the climate change summit.

“The principle obstacle to combating climate change is capitalism. Until we put an end to capitalism, it will continue to be a big obstacle for life and humanity,” Morales said.

Morales expressed disappointment with the deadlock at the climate summit and blamed the relentless capitalistic pursuit of profit and over-industrialization for the possible failure of the much-awaited talks.

He also said that the increasing pace of the global warming has triggered the disappearance of mountain snows and thus the Bolivian communities’ water sources.

Heads of states from over 100 countries are due to attend the closing day of the summit on Friday amidst rows between the rich nations and the poor over who should fund the emissions reduction costs and who should benefit from the greenhouse gas cuts.


2 Responses

  1. Morales defend earth, by getting more and more field for coca growing, with destroying of Amazonian woods.

    He protect earth, but not protecting human life??

    He killed in last 4 years more than 60 people for political reason, not only Bolivians, also European people.

    When he will going to extract lithium, for capitalist reasons ( for money !! ) he will protect Mother Earth??

    And his best friend China is the one who has the higher CO2 emission. China is socialist, and communist country !!! And Bolivia is seeking the trade with them. If they buying Chinese goods, the emission is increasing…and Bolivia buying and will buy

    What about we are speaking ???
    He is lying, killing and manipulating the world !!!

  2. Mr. Morales has voiced what many in the modern environmental movement think. In reality, even if capitalism is at fault, socialism will not solve the problem, only capitalism can. I think our efforts could be better achieved by encouraging less fossil fuel use by using the “less dependence on foreign oil” argument in most cases. If capitalists discover ways to profit from developing alternative fuels, the earth will become a much cleaner place very quickly!

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