Boeing 737-200 Maintenance Manuals – August, 2007

Proprietary Boeing 737-200 maintenance manuals, August 2007 version.

According to the list on the specialist site, the Boeing 737 family has had 136 aircraft write-offs (severe crashes), killing over a thousand people. The Boeing Company recommended maintenance procedures for the craft are of interest to victims seeking to sue airlines for not following Boeing procedures or for victims seeking to sue Boeing for writing negligent procedures in the first instance. Another key point of interest is to people working in the safety industry seeking to modify procedures and those campaigning for safety improvements, especially in Africa where most of the operating 737-200 fleet is located. It helps these people gain a better understanding of the aircraft and how to look after it.

This manual is the normal Worksheet for aircraft workers, sourced from Argentina.

The collection is very large (322Mb). Do not download unless necessary.

fastest (Sweden), slow (US)

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