Activists warn immigrant bus passengers of Border Patrol actions

Immigrant-rights advocates are urging travelers to avoid Inland Greyhound stations because of U.S. Border Patrol arrests there.

At a news conference at the San Bernardino Greyhound station, members of several groups, including the San Bernardino Community Services Center and the Immigration Raids Rapid Response Network, said they are advising immigrants of the danger of using Greyhound and other bus stations. They said they’re also contacting out-of-state organizations to warn travelers passing through the area.

Border Patrol agents have arrested people at Greyhound stations in Riverside and Claremont, and they’re at the San Bernardino station nearly every day, said Emilio Amaya, executive director of the services center. They also have visited the terminals of smaller bus companies in the Inland area, Amaya said.

In a statement, Greyhound spokeswoman Maureen Richmond said the company has “always cooperated with government agencies,” including the Border Patrol. But she said that, in light of the concerns expressed, the company plans to talk with federal officials about the practice after Jan. 1.

“Greyhound always seeks to balance the lawful and reasonable activities of law enforcement with the dignity and privacy of our valued customers,” she said.

Border Patrol spokesman Agent Adrian Corona said agents regularly search for illegal immigrants at sites where they are believed to be, including bus stations. Immigrant-rights groups charge that agents engage in racial profiling by targeting passengers who are Latino, an allegation that Corona denied.


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