Liberia Will Not Be Used To Destabilize Any Country…Ellen Assures

The office of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf says Liberia will never be used as a base to destabilize any country, especially any of its neighbors.  The President’s office said contrary to reports in the media that it is supplying arms to dissident forces in the on-going Guinean crisis, at no time has it supplied arms to anyone to destabilize any government as has been reported.   Presidential Press Secretary Cyrus Wleh Badio who spoke to Executive Mansion‘s reporters on the reaction of the President’s office on the issue, which was published last week in the ‘Plain Truth‘ Newspaper. The paper, quoting unimpeachable sources emanating from Guinean intelligence, said that the government of Liberia is adding and abetting dissident forces in that neighboring country by supplying arms and ammunitions.

But the Executive Mansion in its reaction said not only is the issue a reckless lie, but the report failed to take into account the fragility of the situation in Guinea as well as the fact that what happens in that country will have adverse effect on Liberia.  Presidential Spokesman, Badio said given the sensitivity of the report, the publisher of the paper, Mr. Syrennius Cephas is now undergoing investigation at the Liberian National Security Agency (NSA), where according to Mr. Badio he will provide more details on the story published by his paper accusing the government of providing arms to dissidents in Guinea to overthrow the military junta.      He added that the National Security Agency (NSA) also picked up the General Manager of the Samarco Printing Press, Mr. Michael Makinde in connection with the incident and that he is also providing information to the NSA about the publication. Mr. Badio said these investigations are intended for the NSA to get detail information from these two individuals on the issue. He clarified that the action of the government to call these two individuals for questioning is not intended to muzzle the press, but stressed that journalism comes with responsibility and any journalist who writes on information that poses a threat to national security can be called for questioning.

Meanwhile, Mr. Badio says President Sirleaf’s position on the situation in neighboring Guinea remains consistent to that of the regional body, Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). He said what is happening in Guinea is troubling the government’s support and wants every effort made to resolve the issue.


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