Deterrence and Counterterrorism

Understanding the Role of Deterrence in Counterterrorism Security

The RAND Corporation just released this paper which examines terrorist decision-making and the role of deterrence in a counterterrorism strategy for homeland security. According to the paper, “Deterrence – a central feature of counterterrorism security systems and a major factor in the cost-effectiveness of many security programs – is not well understood or measured.” Discussing deterrence at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels, the authors also consider possible adaptations would be terrorists might make in response to security efforts.

This paper is part of a series from RAND on New Ideas in Homeland Security . Each paper examines different approaches to ongoing problems in homeland security. Other papers in the series include:

Understanding Why Terrorist Operations Succeed or Fail

Marrying Prevention and Resiliency: Balancing Approaches to an Uncertain Terrorist Threat


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