Cold War Museum to Open in Virginia

The Cold War Museum, founded by Francis Gary Powers, Jr. and John C. Welch, has found a physical home and will open to the public in 2010. The museum will lease a modest two-story building and storage facility at Vint Hill, located in Fauquier County, Va., less than 30 miles from Washington Dulles International Airport. The lease was signed with the Vint Hill Economic Development Authority, the owner of the 695-acre former U.S. Army communications base.

Powers is the son of Francis Gary Powers, a Central Intelligence Agency pilot whose U-2 spy plane was shot down over the Soviet Union in May 1960. The senior Powers was held in Soviet custody until 1962, when he was traded for “Rudolph Abel” (Vilyam (Willie) Genrikhovich (August) Fisher), a Soviet Komitet gosudarstvennoy bezopasnosti (KGB) agent who had been captured by the United States.

According to Francis Gary Powers, Jr., “We have been seeking a location for the museum for several years in which to display our unique collections of international Cold War-related artifacts.”

The museum is located on the former Vint Hill Farms Station used during the Cold War by the National Security Agency, Central Intelligence Agency and U.S. Army to safeguard the United States against a surprise nuclear attack. It is near Manassas National Battlefield Park, National Museum of the Marine Corps and the historic towns of Leesburg, Manassas and Warrenton.

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