Norway opens first osmotic power plant

Norway has unveiled the world’s first osmotic power plant, which utilizes the energy unleashed when fresh water and seawater are mixed to produce clean electricity.

Osmotic power is a renewable and emissions-free energy source that Norwegian firm Statkraft has been researching into for 10 years. The company hopes to be capable of making a substantial global contribution to eco-friendly power production.

“This new technology generates electricity simply by mixing water. New solutions to meet the climate challenges might be closer than we expect, which makes me confident that the future looks bright,” said Statkraft CEO and President, Bård Martin Mikkelsen.

“While salt might not save the world alone, we believe osmotic power will be an important part of the global energy portfolio,” he added.

Statkraft, which claims to be the biggest renewable energy company in Europe, is running the osmotic power plant prototype in a former chlorine factory about 60 kilometers south of the Norwegian capital, Oslo.

The plant will have a limited production capacity. Statkraft aims to construct a commercial osmotic power plant in 2015 with a 25 megawatt capacity, enough to provide about 10,000 households with electricity.


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