eBay offers items labeled as Mussolini’s blood, brain

Items that were purportedly the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini‘s blood and parts of his brain were briefly offered for online sale on the Ebay auction site for 22,000 US dollars.

The neo-fascist granddaughter of Il Duce, Alessandra Mussolini, said the remains were stolen from Milan’s Policlinico hospital and she immediately informed the police when she found out.

“This is very serious, these are the kinds of things we have to guard against,” added Ms. Mussolini, who was attending a seminar on internet crime when the listing was discovered,” BBC quoted her as saying.

After he was killed, the body of Mussolini was taken to Policlinico hospital for an autopsy.

However, the hospital has denied the claims that it possessed the Mussolini remains in recent times, saying that they were destroyed years ago.

Ebay spokesperson Irina Pavlova said that the listing violated its own regulations and was removed within hours

“It was removed before 11 a.m., a few hours after it was put online and before anyone had made any bids,” she said.

Benito Mussolini was killed by communist partisans in 1945 and his body was put on public display in a Milan square. He was then buried in an unmarked grave in Musocco, the municipal cemetery to the north of the city.


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