iePolitics Commentary: Sheriff Hoops, Part 2

Sheriff Rod Hoops let’s continue from my last posting.

I do not want our readers to think that misconduct such as the credentials falsification issue with Sheriff’s Captain Bart Gray is nothing but an aberration.

It is actually the opposite. In other words it happens quite frequently.

Not only are special accommodations made for ranking employees when caught committing crimes, so are their family members. More often than not.

And to be fair to you, I acknowledge that this pattern and practice is nothing you designed or created. You are simply picking up where others have left off, and carrying on the culture and traditions of the department.

Maybe people will realize this is why some are appointed Sheriff within the ranks versus the County seeking outside applicants.

Refer to former Sheriff Mike Carona if in doubt. Refer to the newly appointed Chief Keith L. Kilmer of San Bernardino Police Department.

How many ranking employees have sons or daughters, nieces and nephews, working within the rank and file, or who are now supervisors? A hundred or more?

Lets take a recent issue that involves a Corporal who was just promoted on probation from a prior promotion. The Corporal in question was in Arizona on a family outing. His father is a retired Sheriff’s Captain.

I really like this kid, worked with him, but the truth is the truth.

For whatever reason and there are a couple versions of what happened, he beat the hell out of a guy outside a club. The Corporal was arrested and later pleaded “no contest” to the charge of battery.

Alcohol was involved.

He is now on probation for the conviction and had to do weekends in Arizona.

What is interesting, is that he kept his rank, and you have made special accommodations for him. You moved him out of a position where he needs to carry a firearm as part of his duties.

I have been told this has been done until things cool down as a result of his actions. Then he will be put back into his original position.

Under Penal Code section 12021 (c)(1) ANY PERSON convicted of Battery is excluded from having or being around firearms for a period of 10 years.

Penal Code section 12021 (2) is the specific section for Peace Officers convicted of domestic violence and carrying of firearms.

Did this Corporal petition the Arizona Court for a review of his conviction and is now allowed to carry a firearm? If he did, then the public should be told the law was followed. Just make sure that is a true statement of fact.

A recent article in the Peace Officer’s Research Association of California (PORAC) magazine by William Hadden (Safety Employees Benefit Association Counsel) would leave you to believe that if convicted of battery and domestic violence any law enforcement officer is out of luck for carrying a firearm. Yes, I know it’s just one person’s legal opinion. But better than San Bernardino County Counsel Ruth Stringer’s.

We have at least one other case involving a Sergeant at a baseball game punching a spectator during an altercation. Don’t know the status of that situation.

Both the Corporal and the Sergeants cases were mentioned briefly in the local papers.

The point to this issue, special treatment for some under compelling circumstances, others thrown under the bus for much less. Could this be Desperate treatment, and lack of uniformed standards in discipline? I think so.

I also believe others will agree depending on what happened to them in like circumstances.

We have more than one case over the years of Captains and above crashing their County cars. One Captain confirmed driving drunk, he quietly retired after that incident.

We have a Deputy Chief crashing his County car one late night coming back from a casino near Needles, California, seems he retired shortly after that also. I am told he was DUI, no shocker there. This was several years ago.

We have personnel getting promoted within a couple of years, even though they have been arrested more than once for alcohol related issues.

I hear a Deputy Sheriff, whom I arrested recently was involved in a disturbance up in Spring Valley Lake area with a couple other Deputies, where a shot was fired during the disturbance. Alcohol was again a factor or involved in the incident. Written reprimands were given to those involved.

Then we have the Deputy who drove drunk off duty, shot up his car, then lied about it. There was no prosecution of course. But, the Deputy in question received a medical retirement related to an earlier on-duty shooting. Hmmmm?

Good God Sheriff Hoops there is not enough bandwidth to cover all the cases past and present that have an ugly twist, when compared to those who get fired for less.

Another point I’d like to make. I heard UnderSheriff Richard Beemer is of the theory by firing the Deputies you decide are problem children and having them fight to get their jobs back, in some way this tactic helps the County in future litigation on negligent retention issues.

Is that a fact????

If this tactic is a true theory, I’d probably re-think it based on just the few issues mentioned here. We both probably know there are many more.

Other special treatment for those in the club would be a recent issue involving the son of a Sheriff’s Captain who has twice failed his polygraph test during his hiring process, but someone was told to hire him anyways.

Of course it might be your opinion there are no RED FLAGS or negligent retention issues there either. Right?

Now I know for a fact that both the Sheriff’s Employee Services and Training Divisions over the years and to this day have hired those applicants or trainee’s who have a few or many “Red Flags” in their backgrounds based on orders from the Administration.

More than a couple Trainee’s who are not cutting the mustard in the Academy who are passed through and get to become someone elses nightmare down the road.

Another scandal some poor supervisor is directed to cover up to avoid you or others from controversy.

Generally, this applies to those people who are related to someone higher up or are good friends with someone connected.

Remember the Lohman Cordua case Sheriff Hoops from around 1988-1990? Drugs being given to high power inmates at Central Jail, Cordua selling drugs on his free time, possession of County issued weapons in his car?

County issued weapons?? Refer to Floyd Tidwell case for further.

Wasn’t Lohman’s father special assistant to Sheriff Richard Williams? His mother some big-wig with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation?

I was part of that investigation behind the scenes. In Mr.Cordua’s background was more than a couple “red flags” indicating he should have NEVER been hired.

So for the record Sheriff Hoops, I have been a team player more than you know. Why, because I have known about these issues while I was employed, and know about these recent issues since I have been gone.

But don’t be mistaken that I am talking about everything I know. Let’s play poker.

But since you and your fellow managers have elected to screw with me and my family while I was employed and since I have been gone, I feel I don’t owe you or anyone else a damn thing.

For those cheerleaders, Kool-Aid drinkers and of course a few pinheads who are angry by these articles, I suggest you sit back for a moment and think about a few things before you get stupid. How refreshing!!

In my next commentary I will explain how most of these little secrets are kept quiet.

For those San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors members who are not concerned by any of this, I can only say, the people of this County are in trouble.

Ask yourself one simple question, if some did this to their own employees, lie, cheat, and steal, would they do this to an unknowing citizen, defendant, or political rival?

Until next time…


6 Responses

  1. CORDUA is in Georgia if anyone is looking.

  2. Good Luck Folks!!!

  3. What ever happened the Hoops and Cordua? Were they ever charged or convicted?

  4. What ever happened with the folks mentioned in this article, Sherriff Hoops, L. Cordua etc. Were they charged or convicted?

  5. Drugs!?!?!?!?!?!
    Lordy what will they think of next LOL
    Actually, the author of this article sounds like an old time cop… you know with standards.
    Ahhh the days … we had sergeants buying multi-millin dollar homes in Lake Arrowhead… and nobody know nut’n

    But they remember what happened to Gary Webb – who did a book Dark Alliance :^(
    No Wonder we’ve all become ‘just good Germans following orders’……

  6. Good luck with getting justice out of San Berdoo …. the whole is nothing more than a front for the three letter agencies to move ‘stuff’ into California for sale to the minority population.
    Goes back to the 1980’s when they were running blacks to finance the collapse of the old USSR

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