iePolitics Commentary: Sheriff Hoops

Rod Hoops Bart Gray

I am not surprised to hear that you are going to try and let the issue with Captain Bart Gray and his wife die a quiet death. More on that in a moment.

I direct these statements to you because you are the Sheriff. As you know you get tagged with all the good, bad and ugly things attached to the Department. You took the job, now you get the headaches too.

First let me address your concerns about where all these leaks are coming from and how many people are talking about all the corruption and double standards within the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.

The leaks are coming from everywhere and it isn’t just rank and file. Do you believe that the 3,000 plus employees working for you all think you and the Executive Staff’s way of conducting business is all right and they support corruption? No they don’t, they are tired of the “good ol’ boys” way of business. If folks are telling you or your staff everyday that your awesome and morale is high, someone is lying to you. But you believe what ever you want.

You will not find the leaks, because a leak could be someone’s spouse who has confessed his or her sins after getting home from work and having to “look the other way” at your behest or someone else’s.

It gets old after awhile.

Why would you or anyone else be worried about the leaks in information on corruption issues? SHOULD you not be investigating them like anything else?

No, you and a few others have elected to terminate and prosecute rank and file employees on a whim, add a couple Sergeants to the mix.

But anything that comes up involving a Lieutenant, Captain, or higher rank, nothing happens, or they are allowed to retire, or told to retire.

It obvious many of them know where the bodies are buried and you need not piss them off by terminating them. Loyalty at it’s finest, but only with a club membership, RIGHT?

The same thing applies to some of your friends in the community also. I have seen how ruthless your Internal Affairs Division can be when a political crony calls in and says a Deputy was rude to him. So let’s cut the bullshit ok.

Captain Gray is a thief, plain and simple. To the sum of $27,000 to $47,000.00 in pay he was not entitled to. His wife assisted him and others by forging PUBLIC documents for some I am sure, UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY. A Felony.

There are a few others who chose to participate in this little scam to defraud the County, POST (Peace Officer Standards and Training) and San Bernardino Valley College.

They signed up for classes needed to keep their POST certificates current.

They signed up for classes they did not attend, the certificates of completion were forged. Those others took pay for attending those classes, when many were at home or on the golf course. This is theft period!!

Worse yet, some have been told NOT to look through files to try and find out who the others suspects might be. Because you don’t want to know.

ANYTHING to do with your ELECTION?

You, or Undersheriff Richard Beemer elected to have a half dozen Sergeants assigned to look over 50 plus Child Abuse investigations, because someone got a bug up their butt and thought a Detective had not done his job.

That took several months to complete.  Now why the expense of that and not this?  Because it is a Captain.

Worse yet Captain Gray did not mind approving the discipline of at least one Deputy, maybe two, who were not truthful and signed off a report saying he had conducted an investigation when he had not.

The Deputy was demoted and sent back to the jail in a civilian capacity. Now explain that Hoops? You’re right you don’t have to, FOR NOW!!!

Some of us now know the little deal you got worked out with William Abernathie and the Safety Employees’ Benefit Association (SEBA) lawyers and reps. How they avoid compelling evidence of corruption, policy violations before and during Internal Affairs investigations and it is being ignored when it gets to the Civil Service Commission.

Some of us are comparing notes at this time. Conflict of Interest, Breach of Fiduciary Duties, and Ineffective Counsel come to mind for causes of action.

And let us not forget County Counsel suborning of perjury and ignoring fabricated evidence at the behest of your managers.

Someday the Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC) Legal Defense Fund (LDF) will launch an investigation into the funds being spent down here and learn that many extra hours of research is being done, looking for ways to get around the real evidence that should be argued on behalf of members.

And the fact someone in power might get upset, is not part of any legal strategy to avoid presenting that evidence.

The evidence is mounting, and compelling. And some of the SEBA lawyers are telling members how good a working relationship they have with the Executive Staff.

This would be like Retired LAPD Chief William J. Bratton telling the public his department has a good working relationship with the Mexican Mafia? We prosecute them, but gently.

So continue to fire Deputies because you think they lied because they did not rat out their fellow Deputy upon your demand.

Continue to fire Deputies who arrest Deputies who violate the law.

Continue to look for leaks in those who don’t like corruption any longer. I mean are you going to fire them for ratting you and your buds out?

Continue to cover for those in the club or are a part of “The Brand”. It will bite you at some point.

Mark Uffer just got fired. Do you see a red flag waiving anywhere Hoops?

If you play golf with Uffer and Stan Ware this weekend, tell them I said hello.

Until next time..


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