Former Philadelphia Police Officer Sentenced to 30 Years in Prison

A Federal judge has thrown the book at a crooked cop.

Former Philadelphia Police Department officer Malik Snell wept about how apologetic and ashamed he was but the prosecutor wasn’t buying and neither was Judge R. Barclay Surrick.

He gave Snell 360 months, 30 years, near the top end of the range the Feds had sought and nearly 10 years higher than Probation’s recommendation.

Snell was convicted in his third trial of robbing a drug dealer while he was in full uniform.  During a subsequent chase by local police, he slammed into another car and left the driver, a young nurse, for dead.

The defense attorney tried to bring Snell’s good deeds into the mix, his military service, his family, but perhaps  Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey sums official reaction up best.  In a letter to the court, he wrote that the Department will melt the disgraced badge, so no one will ever wear it again.


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