SF soldier arrested after C-4 found near house

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — A Special Forces soldier was arrested Monday after a pair of hunters found about 100 pounds of explosives outside his home near Fort Campbell.

Timothy Ryan Richards was charged with possessing two unregistered guns, and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agent Eric Kehn said he expects Richards will face more charges related to the explosives.

A sworn statement said agents found about 100 pounds of explosives — including C-4, a plastic explosive commonly used by the military. The material was sealed in watertight containers and partially buried near his home outside of Clarksville, near the sprawling Army post on the Tennessee-Kentucky state line.

Joel Siskovic, a spokesman for the FBI in Tennessee, said agents from the Joint Terrorism Task Force were called to the scene, but determined there was no terrorism connection.

According to police, two hunters found the explosives early Sunday morning and alerted the sheriff’s department.

ATF agents contacted Richards and he told agents that he had placed the explosives there, according to the affidavit.

Agents also found a 5.56mm caliber rifle and a .45 caliber machine gun inside his home.

Maj. April Olsen, a spokeswoman for the Army Special Forces at Fort Campbell, confirmed that he was a member of the 5th Special Forces Group, but his age and rank weren’t immediately available.

He appeared in court handcuffed in green coveralls. U.S. Magistrate Clifton Knowles ordered the federal public defender’s office to represent him and that he be held until a hearing Thursday.

He didn’t make any statements, but acknowledged to the judge that he understand the charge. He faces a maximum 10 years in prison if convicted on the weapons charge.

Another Fort Campbell soldier was arrested in October and charged with selling four stolen hand grenades and a stolen anti-tank rocket to an undercover officer in Tennessee.

Prosecutors said the transaction with Pfc. Joshua Bartlett Etherton, a 101st Airborne Division soldier, was arranged after police in the small town of Paris received a tip, but they would not say who he believed was the buyer.

He remains held without bond.


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