iePolitics: San Bernardino County to major U.S. Corporation (Google): Go away!

The news of this unbelievable episode was presented to me a couple weeks ago and I wasn’t able to gather more details until this weekend.

It looks like a major U.S. corporation recently embarked on a mission to San Bernardino County.

That mission? Establish a campus in the Victor Valley region of the county. A part of the sprawling First Supervisorial District.

The corporation? Google.

Some details are still sketchy, but it appears the internet advertising and search engine giant was rebuffed in almost a three stooges fashion.

Sources tell iePolitics about a meeting held with San Bernardino County officials, which included Economic Development Agency Director Mark Dowling, the master architect of the following disaster.

Let’s get right down to it.

Google executives flew down from San Francisco to explore establishing the aforementioned campus. The site would employ somewhere between 1,500 and 2,500 residents with well-paying jobs, something desperately needed in the High Desert.  I looked online at some of the Google office layouts in Santa Monica, Irvine, and Mt. View, and they are not too shabby to say the least.

Well, it seems some of the individuals attending the meeting for the county had a problem with tardiness, including the illustrious Mr. Dowling. Mr. Dowling informed the attendee’s his reason for being late. The reason being he was busy hooping it up on the golf course. Can you say embarrassing?

What came next was inexplicable from any standpoint.

Mr Dowling asked the Google team a very interesting question, “Why would you want to come to San Bernardino County?”

The question by Mr. Dowling was followed shortly thereafter by another priceless set of words, those words being, “You don’t want to come here.”

Google wanted to acquire real estate for the project and preferred not to want to deal with more than ten sellers.  They wanted to wrap things up in nine months.  Land Use Sevices Director Julie Rynerson chimed in and said it would take three and one-half years.

As you might imagine things didn’t go well.

Unless I am mistaken, I thought the goal of the Economic Development Agency was to bring business commerce to the county, not drive it away.

I hear Dowling is always professing that he has three votes on the board of supervisors to keep his job. Now I know why he’s counting.

I’m told county officials have attempted to contact Google.  The calls have not been returned.  Imagine that.

Taking a line from Actor Kevin Spacey in the movie “21″.

“I said Google, not Sizzler.”

Need I say anymore.


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