Federal/State/Local Immigration Law Enforcement Partnerships

ICE Announces Standardized 287(g) Agreements With 67 State and Local Law Enforcement Partners

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has just announced that it will continue with its partnership agreements with state and local law enforcement agencies which tasks these agencies with helping to enforce federal immigration law enforcement efforts across the country. The Obama Administration had previously suspended this program, commonly referred to as 287(g), in the wake of intense criticism including allegations of racial profiling and discrimination and concerns as to whether state and local law enforcement of federal immigration law was even legal under U.S. law. According to ICE, these partnerships promote public safety and constitute an important ‘force multiplier’ for ICE operations in the U.S. In addition, ICE states that these new standardized guidelines will ensure consistent and uniform policies for these activities. Here are some additional resources on the 287(g) program:

Center for Immigration Studies Backgrounder

Heritage Foundation Web Memo


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