Bush official sentenced to one year in prison

A former top procurement official in George W. Bush’s administration has been sentenced to a year in prison for lying about his relationship with lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

David Safavian, a former General Services Administration (GSA) Chief of Staff, appeared in court on Friday for lying to investigators about his relationship with Abramoff.

According to the Associated Press, Safavian provided information about two pieces of GSA-controlled property that Abramoff wanted. Safavian later told investigators that Abramoff had no business before GSA.

Around the time Safavian was giving information to Abramoff, he paid him $3,100 for a week long golfing in Scotland in 2002. Investigators, however, say the amount was far too short to cover all the charges at such a luxury resort.

Abramoff needed Safavian’s help in some properties in the Maryland suburbs of Washington for a school he established and also wanted to obtain a contract with an Indian tribe client to redevelop an old historical post office as a luxury hotel.

Later Safavian moved from the GSA to the White House where he became the top procurement official in the government.

On Friday, Safavian was convicted of lying to the FBI and a GSA ethics officer, obstructing an investigation by the inspector general at the GSA, and making a false statement on his financial disclosure form.


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