Investigation halts transfer of student records to military

SAN DIEGO — The San Diego Unified School District has halted its annual transfer of student records to the military amid allegations that administrators pre-marked parental consent forms that give recruiters permission to contact families.

District officials launched an investigation into the matter Wednesday and began sifting through thousands of high school enrollment documents.

De’Onte Victorian, a sophomore at Abraham Lincoln High School, brought his pre-checked form to Tuesday’s school board meeting to protest what he described as “a scam to get him to join the military instead of going to college.”

De’Onte noticed that the question asking, “Is it okay to release your child’s information to military recruiters?” had a computer-generated check inside the box next to it. Other questions had also been answered, including one regarding migrant work and another asking whether a parent wants their address and phone number printed in a directory.

District officials at Tuesday’s meeting said the forms likely included a cover letter asking parents to verify information it had on record.

Still, school board members and some administrators said the letters were misleading, especially to parents who do not speak or read English. The enrollment forms were sent in English only.

“This was a mistake that we are going to correct,” said Deputy Superintendent Chuch Morris.

As required under federal law, San Diego Unified sends military recruiters records of students – unless their parents object – every October.

But the district is required to notify parents of their right to opt out. Morris said the district would not release any student records to the military until it is confident parents had an opportunity to opt out.

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  1. Very clever the recruiting agents are for the military branches. Beaver thinks it’s funny how they badger kids into getting recruitment. Badger beaves that.

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