Wrongful-death claim filed in mistaken shooting of Rubidoux man

Attorneys representing the live-in girlfriend, children and parents of a Rubidoux man mistakenly killed in a shootout between Chino police officers and robbery suspects have filed wrongful death claims against the city of Chino.

Daniel Balandran, 23, was shot on Feb. 1 when an officer mistook him for one of the robbers of a Papa John’s restaurant on Central Avenue

Attorney Mark Algorri, of Pasadena, who represents Balandran’s girlfriend, Araceli Millan, and his two children, 5-year-old Lizzet and 8-month-old Manuel, said Millan remains distressed and distraught.

“She’s angry too, now that she’s been told about the (San Bernardino County) sheriff’s investigation,” Algorri said.

According to Algorri, Chino Police Cpl. Claudia Lisner, who fired the fatal shot into Balandran’s chest, told Sheriff’s Department investigators that she had twice ordered him to show his hands before she fired.

Witness statements and officer belt recordings obtained through a public records act request revealed that Lisner gave no such order, Algorri said.

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Michelle Van Der Linden, spokeswoman for the city of Chino, said Friday that city representatives had been in legal discussions with the family for several months.

“We’re unable to comment on ongoing litigation,” she said.

Algorri said there have been discussions but that the city and family remained far apart on a settlement.

Under state law, a claim must be submitted before a lawsuit can be filed against a governmental entity.

Balandran and a friend had stopped at a McDonald’s on Central Avenue for a bite to eat after a day at a skate park when a gun battle erupted between two men who had robbed the pizzeria and police outside.

Balandran and his friend got out of their car and ran in the opposite direction, meeting two police officers coming around the back corner of the McDonald’s. When the shooting stopped, Balandran had been mortally wounded and the two robbers had been wounded, as was a Chino police officer.

Robbery suspects Joel Anthony Jaquez and Edward Ramon Cisneros have entered not guilty pleas to multiple charges including murder, attempted murder of an officer and second-degree robbery.


2 Responses

  1. Claudia Lisner….what a lying sack you are. I hope this death haunts you FOREVER. Your lack of honesty to own up to an accidental homicide makes this event even worse!

  2. I wounder how Claudia sleeps at night, killing a man that had food in his hand. Then she lies to the investigator about what she did not say to her victim. She should not be allowed to put on a uniform ever again. She and the Chino Police Dept. need to go away and have the Sheriffs Dept patrol Chino. Sham on you Claudia Franco Lisner.

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