Lawmakers in Oregon say No! to Real ID

On Friday, May 29th the Oregon State House passed Senate Bill 536 (SB0536) thanks to organizations such as ACLU of Oregon. The bill “Prohibits state from expending funds to comply with the federal Real ID Act 0f 2005 unless certain requirements are met.” The bill passed by a vote of 39-6. Oregon now joins eleven other states that have already passed laws rejecting Real ID. Ten additional states have passed resolutions urging Congress to repeal Real ID.

The passage of this bill is a good beginning but is not enough. The state of Oregon should reject Real ID entirely, not “unless certain requirements are met”.

What this bill does is prohibit state agencies from spending money to cover the costs of complying with the federal law unless the federal government shares the bill.

The chief sponsor of the bill, Senator Rick Metsger (D-Mt. Hood), says that there are no funds to help states implement the federal law. He also emphasized the serious privacy issues related to the federal law because Real ID would allow DMV to electronically scan and share copies of original identity documents — such as birth certificates, passports, and Social Security cards in a 50-state shared database.

“The federal government has not been able to ensure that this new database would be secure against identity theft,” Metsger said. “Maintaining a database of personal information, without the money to implement that or protect the security of our citizens is simply something we should not do.”

By creating a single identification standard it may actually increase the likelihood of identity and asset theft.

So will the state of Oregon comply with the implementation of Real ID if the Feds help foot the bill? That is a very scary thought. Real ID cards are unconstitutional and threatens our personal liberties. It goes beyond concerns about identity theft and money.

The Bill now goes on to Governor Ted Kulongoski’s desk.

To see full text of the bill go to:


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