Deputy Wilbert Garcia held for rape of child under 14

WILDOMAR–Investigators are saying little about the arrest of an Orange County sheriff’s deputy in a sexual abuse case.

Deputy Wilbert Garcia, 49, was arrested during a traffic stop in nearby Murrieta.

Garcia is accused of raping a child under the age of 14. The victim’s identity is being protected.

Authorities did not disclose when or where the incident occurred, but said there could be other victims.

Garcia is a veteran patrol deputy. He is on administrative leave. Evidence is being reviewed to determine if charges will be filed.

Case report here.


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  1. Hello ive been looking for a old friend and his name is wilbert dale garcia jr and the only way i know if its him is he has a brother name kenneth and his mothers name is jean. We lived on the same street as kids and went to the same school in modesto and i have pictures of him as a kid and so i would like to say hi to him or at least know this is my old friend thank you from gene trapp

  2. Violence & Corruption Rampant in San Bernardino County. See:

  3. I sure appreciate the news media waking up the public with all these previously unreported cases of law enforcement officers engaged in criminal activity. Its become a daily event.

    I’ve read, all in the last few months, that police and sheriff’s deputies across California have been arrested for rape, murder, robbery, spousal abuse, drunk driving, threats, jury tampering, fraud, and authoring false police reports to cover their own criminal behavior. I’ve seen several videos on YouTube, as well, showing them clubbing people out of anger rather than need.

    Thank you for another report on another bad cop.

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