Lawsuit: Girl Forced To Take Pregnancy Test

NEVADA CITY, Calif. – A 12-year-old girl was forced to take a pregnancy test at school in Nevada City, a lawsuit filed in Nevada County Superior Court alleges.

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The Pacific Justice Institute, which is representing the girl, said in a news release that Steve Davis, a counselor at Seven Hills Middle School, pulled the girl out of class.

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Suit Claims: Nevada city School Pulls 12 year old girl out of class for forced pregnancy test .

Davis heard rumors that she was pregnant and wanted to know if it was true, the release said.

Though she denied it and told Davis a classmate had spread rumors about her in the past, the counselor got a pregnancy test from the school nurse and told the 12-year-old to give a urine sample, the Pacific Justice Institute said.

The pregnancy test was negative.

According to the news release, the girl was embarrassed and humiliated, and her parents were angry when they found out.

They worked with the Pacific Justice Institute to get an apology from the Nevada City School District, but didn’t receive one.

The lawsuit, filed Oct. 29, 2008, seeks damages for violation of the girl’s right to privacy and emotional distress.

“There is no merit in the claim,” Superintendent Roger Steel said. He directed further questions to the district’s attorney.

Reached at home Monday night, Davis said he had no comment on the lawsuit.


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